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Our experiential workshops:
Here you will learn the tools to be the best that you can be, professionally and personally. Designed for individuals and groups,the interactive workshops provide an instant, honest an powerful insight into the way you project yourself, how you behave in front of others and how you set about tackling complex or new tasks.

Guided by the natural intelligence of our horses, your participation will teach and empower you to channel and simplify your intentions, body language, thoughts, emotions and energy into simple, effective and focused messages.

By walking and working with the horses, participants gain new skills and understandings about themselves.  These understandings then become their essential tools to assist them in enhancing quality of life and contributing to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.
People who actively seek to develop themselves through learning experiences that deliver personal value, will quickly recognise the opportunity offered by our reputable "Horse Assisted Personal Skills Development Workshops".  Our unique, interactive approach is conducted by professionals and offers measurable results.

Your Outcomes:

Understanding yourself and how you relate to others brings powerful benefits.
In business and the workplace, you will have the tools to achieve more effective leadership, greater team engagement and more focused business contribution.  You can better accomplish a range of communications, leadership and problem-solving roles.
In your family life and socially, these tools will help you with  improved communication skills and improved interpersonal relationships.

Many personal development benefits will immediately be noticeable, while others may only become known after a longer period of time.  Because there are different results for every person, to assist participants track their development, they each take home a "Learning Outcomes Pack" containing a video of their workout session and analysis notes across leadership awareness, team building and communication skills.

Invest in Understanding Yourself:

As one of Australia's pioneering "Horse-Assisted" Personal Development workshop providers, we can assure you that learning with an Equus Workshop is unique.  It is ideal for people in leadership roles, for teams and Groups along with individuals seeking to better equip themselves in relating with others.

It's well known that "doing the same things brings the same results".  Your Equus Workshop is certainly a different and refreshing approach that breaks through traditional learning paradigms.  So, decide to create positive changes by spending a day with the horses.

For People in Leadership Roles:

It provides a unique way to understand how you can build strong teams, motivate others, improve performance and enhance corporate efficiency.

For Team and Team Members:

Take a Team Building day out of the office and get some truly unique and honest feedback from the horses...and engender stronger collaboration in the work place.  Also great for sporting associations and sports teams.

For Groups and Schools:

Horse Assisted Personal Development Workshops and perfect for corporate executives, sales teams, school management and student groups, teachers and parents.

We also have individual or group sessions with purpose-specific approaches tailored for children and adults with special needs.


For Individuals:

Looking for something unique, great fun and valuable for you? Enjoy a full day experiential workshop (unmounted) walking and working with some beautiful horses while you learn about yourself and how others perceive you.

For Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) Trainers and Corporate HR:

Capture the full potential of our working enterprises in a way that both respects and unleashes the full potential of the people involved.  Participants will quickly discover effective leadership and communication skills that are immediately transferrable to the workplace with the aid of the horse.

How Horses Assist Your Learning:

You cannot lie to a horse. They see through a "polished" or false veneer. This is why "Horse Assisted Personal Development Workshops" work so well.
Horses communicate through body language and non-verbal communication; they are not concerned with a person's position, rank or wealth. Horses see people as they truly are. They respond to the manner in which people conduct and project themselves. The horse picks up even the smallest signals - those typically not processed, not tolerated or ignored by colleagues.

The Leader/Follower Principle:

A horse is constantly asking, "who is leading?", "Who is in charge", "What is required of me".  They have an innate need and ability to establish rank and position quickly.
To get horses to follow instructions, humans can only use their powers of persuasion as an average horse weighs around 500kg, a human cannot physically move it.
As horses mirror your internal thoughts they will not respond well to overbearing, indecisive or conflicting messages. In this experiential workshop environment, understanding how you project yourself is enlightening, and if in a peer-group workshop, watching your colleagues is both great fun and educational.

Full Day and Half Day Workshops:

Our practical approach includes personal development methods, reflective learning, analytical assessment and behaviour identifying techniques. All exercises are carried out unmounted, participants are walking and working the horses.
After an initial welcome and briefing, participants undertake a one-on-one workout sessions walking and working with their horse.  These are held outdoors on the sand arena and are recorded for analysis on video.
The second workshop component is analysis. Here we review the workout videos and discuss the analysis of the behaviours identified. This analytical process is core component of the program as the feedback provided is key to understanding and fulfilling your potential.
In the full day workshop, after lunch, participants go back to the sand arena to agin undertake a one-on-one workout sessions walking and working with their horse, with the new knowledge gained amending their behaviours and attitudes.

About Us:

Horsepower Personal Skills Development Workshops are held at "Koolyangarra Equestrian Centre", a beautiful location in the Adelaide Hills, 20 minutes from Adelaide CBD.
Our experienced horse handlers are registered with NCAS Equestrian Australia and you will be working with horses selected for their ability to interact well with people.
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